Our goal is to strengthen social capital by promoting optimistic attitudes, positive thinking and the joy of life, sympathy towards people and the environment, openness and civic activity for ‘change for the better’ in a broad sense. We want to encourage people in Poland and all over the World to the positive thinking. Poland is ranked as one of the most optimistic countries in the World. It is a good background to inculcate among Polish women and men an even better mood and cheerfulness. Let us be an example for neighboring countries. According to the research conducted by CBOS (Centre for Public Opinion Research), even though people are getting more satisfied with the economic situation, there is lack of optimists looking with a smile in the future. Now it is time to promote positive thinking with a particular focus on the assessment of the prospects of life, achievements and relationships. Such actions will contribute significantly to the growth of levels of life satisfaction in the society. Let’s start to appreciate the optimism!

Optimism is a philosophical view, according to which we interpret the existing world as a positive and reasonably organized place. The optimist is able to reach happiness and fulfillment there with ease, enjoying a good attitude to life and the environment. Such an attitude to the environment and people is critical for building up social capital, that is all that determines healthy relationships, joint activities and interpersonal trust, and the trust of citizens to the public institutions as well. Today, this cultural phenomenon is considered to be as important factor as material resources.